Our projects

Our projects are the result of a deep analysis about the needs, skills and opportunities of the cacao farming communities of Chocó.

Therefore our goal is to provide sustainable and profitable solutions to these communities through education and production processes optimization.

The Profit Center

The proper fermentation of our cacao is an added value to the bean. It’s there that the taste and aroma is obtained, and as a consequence, enables us to access high-value markets and better prices. Although our base material is of excellent quality, it’s sold as flattened cacao beans and at lower prices, since our farmers lack the tools for the necessary fermentation and drying processes that this work requires.

With your support, you propose that we build a profit center along our river that allows us to ferment and dry the cacao in the best, standard manner to obtain a cacao of excellent quality and sold at a fair price for our farmers. That’s exactly what we’ll do!

The Cacao School

Just as education serves as a bridge to access better opportunities to improve one’s quality of life, we’re also betting on improving the lives of hundreds of cacao-cultivating families in Chocó through training and technical assistance. For that reason, in 2011 we rehabilitated a plot of land devastated by the region’s illegal mining and we created a school there for learning cacao cultivation. The sole objective has been to pass our knowledge and new cacao production techniques on, together with the integral, coherent farming models and productive culture of Chocó’s producers.

Enabling us to bring our technical assistance and extend it to to small, rural producers in an effective manner without costs to them, is part of our support so they can improve their life conditions.